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Our website attempts to keep friends and family informed of the latest Van Hoey news and information. We share news, pictures and videos. This particular format is new so the cupboards are bare, so to speak.

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I have been doing the family website for about fifteen years. My only regret is that the internet is not always standardized. In other words, operating systems are constantly changing. So is web programming. I used to incorporate Java in my programming and it seems to be phasing out because of security issues. That is why there are so many "dead" links on our old website. Video is always changing too. What you could view on your computer a decade ago does not always play in a newer operating system. I like to incorporate Flash but that is being phased out too because of security issues. In fact you could never view Flash with Apple and Mac. That includes iPhones and iPads. I have been programming HTML for nearly two decades and I created and authored the Ford Chesterfield Trim Intranet and Internet Website before and after the new millenium. A reference letter from that era can be accessed below. I still love to create webpages and share the Van Hoey life and I could not do so without you, the viewer. Thanks for stopping in.

My Reference Letter